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Backup and Document Archiving for the Macintosh

Because losing data sucks.

  • QRecall is a disk-to-disk document archiving system that efficiently captures multiple generations of documents for safe keeping and later retrieval.
  • Items are captured in an archive, where they can be browsed or recalled. Repeatedly capturing documents creates layers in the archive. By navigating through layers, you can browse and recall any version of an item.
  • QRecall's unique data analysis examines the changes to each item in detail and stores only the information that's new, making it possible to store multiple versions of millions of items using the minimum amount of disk space.
Capture Technology
  • Flexible Capture · Capture any combination of files, folders, or entire volumes. You control how much, what, and how often items are captured.
  • Unique Data Analysis · QRecall never stores duplicate data…ever. Every file's data is analyzed and compared to the data already captured in the archive. If any two blocks of data are identical, only one copy is stored. Feel free to capture a second operating system or a copy of that iTunes library. The archive will contain only a single copy of the data.
  • Integrity · QRecall archives are designed for reliability and robustness. Checksums and interlocking validity tests are verified every time the archive is read to ensure that the items in an archive are undamaged and unaltered. The structure and data integrity of an archive can be verified at any time. Archives are specifically designed to endure and recover from data corruption and media failure. The built-in repair command will recover all usable items from a damaged archive. Journaled database technology allows an archive to auto-repair itself after a crash or interruption. Automatic re-reads of invalid data can recover items from devices exhibiting transient data transfer problems.
  • Multiple Volumes, Multiple Computers · A single archive can store items from multiple volumes and volumes from multiple systems. QRecall keeps everything organized. Take full advantage of QRecall's space saving data analysis by storing multiple systems in a single archive.
  • Compression · QRecall can conserve backup disk space even more by compressing archive data. By combining compression with duplicate data elimination, QRecall can utilize backup storage much more efficiently than traditional backup programs. Archive more in the same space—or just use less space.
Browsing and Recalling
  • Effortless Browsing · No complicated or time consuming restore procedures. Just open an archive and start looking through your captured items.
  • Layers · Each capture creates a layer; It's like an archaeological record of your files. Browse through layers to rewind time and reveal items from the past. Open, recall, or restore past items.
  • Browser Views · View items much like you do in the Finder, by icon, list, or column. QRecall adds a unique 3D by layer view that lets you visualize and explore the thee dimentional nature of the archive.
  • Deleted and Invisible Items · Optionally reveal invisible and deleted items while browsing.
  • Recall or Restore · Recall any item (file, folder, or entire volume) with a single command. Replace your existing item with a version from the archive, or recall it to a different location. The choice is yours.
  • Search · Find items quickly using the built-in search tool or via Spotlight.
  • Finder Integration · Capture, recall, or reveal an item in an archive directly from the Finder, or any services-savvy application.
  • Instant Recall · Double-click to open any item in an archive. Opening up yesterday's version of your document is just a double-click away.
  • Timelines · Timelines graphically overlay the history of items in the archive.
  • Item Inspector · Inspector window shows detailed information about items, layers, or an archive.
Incremental Backups
  • Incremental Capture · Recapturing an item captures only the differences between the old and the new item.
  • Rolling Incremental Backups · QRecall's layer merging facility gives you the ultimate control over how long items are kept in an archive. Keep hourly backups of recent changes alongside daily, weekly, and monthly versions of older items—all in a single archive.
  • Preserve Deleted Items · Optionally keep the last copy of short-lived items. This option prevents sort-lived items from being removed from the archive when merging recent incremental backups.
  • Fast Change Detection · When recapturing items, QRecall quickly scans only those folders that contain changes. When recapturing large data files, data fingerprint analysis lets QRecall quickly determine what portions of the file have been modified and what portions haven't.
  • Mixed Captures · You can arbitrary capture, and recapture, anything to a single archive. Capture an entire volume then recapture just a single folder. There are no restrictions on how many capture layers can be added to a single archive, or how much each layer contains.
  • Captures Data, not Files · QRecall uses powerful data analysis to capture only the changes made to each file. Unlike file-based backup software, QRecall compares the data in every file to the data already in the archive and only stores the new data. When a disk image, virtual machine file, log file, database, audio/video file, or graphics project is changed, often only a tiny fraction of the file contains new data. Traditional backup techniques duplicate the entire file, wasting gigabytes of disk space.
  • Actions · Create pre-defined actions to capture items, merge layers, and perform other regular maintenance operations. The Actions window shows a summary what each action does, the archive it uses, its schedule, and its next execution time.
  • Activity Monitor · Floating activity panel monitors the progress of running actions. Keep a discrete tab on QRecall actions without opening the QRecall application. QRecall is also Growl savvy.
  • Archive Status · Status window presents an instant overview of the health and status of every active archive. Optional menubar item discretely alerts you to any problems or concerns.
  • Schedule Actions · Schedule actions to run daily, weekly, or at regular intervals.
  • Event Schedules · Actions can also be scheduled to run when an event—such as connecting an external drive or logging out—occurs. Create backups that automatically capture a camera memory card or USB flash drive the moment it is plugged in.
Technical Features
  • Live Capture & Restore · Capture the volume you are booted from. Restore the volume you are booted from; Restore your operating system without booting from another drive.
  • Links · Restores both hard and symbolic links.
  • Metadata · Captures and restores all POSIX and HFS+ metadata. Captures and restores extended metadata and extended attributes.
  • Access Control Lists · Captures and restores ACLs.
  • Backup Bouncer · Passes all relevant Backup Bouncer tests.
  • Capacity · Store up to 6 terabytes of data in a single archive. Capture single files up to 2 terabytes.
  • Localized Names · Archive preserves the localized name and icon of every item.
  • Universal Binary · Fully optimized for multi-core and 64-bit processors.
Other Features
  • Help · Complete online documentation. Built-in problem reporting.
  • Integrated Log Viewer · Structured summary of QRecall activity. Control the amount of detail displayed. Show just the highlights or expand to examine the details of every event.
  • Non-Admin User Friendly · All QRecall features are available to non-administrative users. QRecall does not require administrative access to install or use. Use QRecall in a lab or on a shared system to backup your important documents.
  • Automatic Update · QRecall will periodically check for updates. One click will download and update the program.
  • Data Integrity Tools · Archive verify and repair tools are built in.